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Where To Search For An Example Of A Descriptive Essay About An Event

Events happen all the time, in any direction you look. Though some events are more noteworthy than others. Anything can be considered an event, for example, blinking, breathing, walking, waking up in the morning or going to sleep at night, but when most people say the word, they usually mean activities of more significance. The presidential elections, for example, is an event of great significance to most countries around the world and is widely reported on by many sources.

Essays can also come in many forms and they have about as may uses as there are events. Descriptive essay serve to do just as their name states, they describe a situation or event to the readers, so that they may share the experience without ever being there. These types of essays can be usually found in magazines and newspaper, but are also quite common in conversation, when a person describes their experiences to others. The following is a list of locations you can check for an example of a descriptive essay about an event:

  1. Public forums
  2. Public forums can be found just about everywhere, on company websites, gaming sites and there are even sites dedicated purely to hosting forums for every purpose imaginable. By inputting the keys words of your query, followed by “forum” in a search engine, you will find many sites related to your topic. Take a quick browse through the list, you should find a sample for your uses in no time.

  3. Newspaper articles
  4. Newspapers cover many events so you should be able to find materials about anything if you search hard enough. This may require you using the archive viewer at a library, which isn't too hard. Visit your local library and find out if they posses the relevant materials from the librarian, you should have your desired sample before too long.

  5. Entertainment magazines
  6. There are magazines specifically dedicated to covering popular events and they often contain many vivid pieces. You can gain access to many magazines in any library, or even in the old pile belonging to your parents.

  7. English language text books
  8. Language books contain all of the materials needed for mastering the subject and you can put this to use. Acquire as many different text books as you can find, you are certain to find your desired sample in one of them. A library can provide you with access to a wide array of texts books to check.

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