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The Art Of Storytelling

Many of the literary works are products of storytelling. The history itself is a collection of stories derived from real events of man that has been told from one generation to another. Today’s books, parables, fairy tales, movies, literary and non-literary works are evidence of the immortality of stories that transcends time and space. Almost all aspects of the world today are fragments of information that is handed down by the earlier civilization.

There is power in stories. Stories are accounts of people involved in events told by people and passed on to people. They inspire, touch, delight, motivate and challenge people. They are the source of people to understand life and all the events related to living. Man’s inherent hunger for stories reflects the human need to understand the patterns of life. Man’s search for the ultimate reason of living and the best way to live his life are the main reasons why stories are told from people to people.

The tool to deliver the stories is through storytelling. Storytelling is the act of relating a tale through the use of voice and gestures. It is not just the mere reading of stories from the book. Rather, it is the dynamic and interactive activity that embodies various factors such as physical, emotional, intellectual and mental aspects. It includes the physical contact and interaction of the one telling the story and the audience.

The art of storytelling entails the creation of mental images to the audience through the integration of words, voice modulation and gestures. Storytelling exercises the minds and touches the emotions of the teller and the listener. To make the storytelling effective, the storyteller must believe that the imagination is powerful and that it must be stronger than knowledge. Many people believe stories told from storytelling when the one telling the story has mastered the skills to make his audience believe in what he says. Through storytelling, myths can overthrow histories, dreams overpower facts, hope tramples experience, laughter cures grief and love prevails over death.

Stories are older than science, mathematics, and religion. People from the past evolve around the stories told to them by their elders. The world is actually made up of stories knitted together that form what is now called history. Until now, man continuously lives through storytelling. It is the currency of human contact that converts the human activities and experiences into meaningful life embodiments. Life, after all, is one great fairy tale with many versions. These fairy tales remains immortal and lives without boundaries through the art of storytelling.

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