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Social Problems

The term ‘Social Problems’ is a very broad and consuming term. Its meaning can vary depending on your own background and education and how society determines that a problem is ‘social’. As a Generalisation, the term Social Problems can encompass, housing, education, behaviour and health.

Housing is a social problem, mainly because not everyone can afford to buy their own home. Paying rent for houses and flats can be more expensive than paying for a mortgage but if you can’t afford the deposit for a mortgage then you will have to pay exorbitant rent. But what about the people who are not in jobs that pay them enough to pay rent for a decent home or people who are unemployed?

The answer is social housing. One of the biggest problems with social housing is that local authorities pay for new builds and new estates then allocate the properties to people and families that usually have young children or are one-parent families or people who may have difficulties such mental health problems or are unemployed. They all need to live somewhere but they need to live amongst people who are or different ages and abilities rather than be kept apart.

The problem that was originally about housing now has the potential to become a problem about behaviour, education and health. When there is a whole estate or block of flats with everyone of roughly the same age group and possible social difficulties it tends to become a noisy place with loud music playing, drug dealing and continuous visits from the Police. The local schools deal with the influx but the difficulties that the children from these new builds are experiencing may require additional support in the school which has additional costs. This also puts pressure on the local medical services.

So how can these issues be smoothed out? As pointed out earlier a social problem is the responsibility of society. If we go back to the housing issue, one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of planners and builders make for new social housing is that the do not provide young families will enough space for the children to play safely. The end up playing ball in the road and annoying road users and neighbours. There is no provision for adolescents and people get upset when they see them hanging out in groups either drinking or taking drugs. In truth what else is there to do? The facilities that would have made provision for young people have limited or no funds, that is the social problem,

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