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Gender Roles

Gender roles known better as gender stereotypes currently plague not only American society, but the entire world’s. Children develop these assumed roles from society, their family and their education but most importantly from their peer group. Although the days of Judy Cleaver are behind us in America, much more work needs to be done globally. When Sally is allowed to play American football with the boys and Bobby can be a cheerleader without any type of stigma attached to either of them, that is when the world will have reached the pinnacle of gender equality.

Women are also currently paid less than 1 to 1 on a man’s earned dollar. This means that for the same amount of work a woman is not paid the equivalent to a man. One of the largest reasons for this is because a woman will eventually have to leave the work force, perhaps not indefinitely, but overall for a large period of time as they will someday become pregnant and are usually the one’s that take the time off from work to pick up Sally and Bobby when the get sick in school.

Feminism does not mean that boys cannot be affected by gender change. No male should have to live growing up assuming he has to be a macho man that wants to shoot guns and tackle other guys playing football. Men that want to sew or knit and read literature should have the same rights as women to do so without being labeled as anything less than a man. Feminism does however attempt to work toward reproductive rights for women in reference to contraceptives and abortions. They also push for women’s rights when it comes to voting laws or even driving in some of the middle eastern nations that oppress women.

The world has come a long way since the 1950’s when everyone drank Ovaltine with their dinner, but a lot longer of a road is underway to reach the pinnacle of progression. Sexual harassment against women in the work place and while out in public walking down the street is one of the large battles to overcome. Women should not feel objectified to walk down the street as some sort of sex doll for the prying men’s eye. Day by day these goals will come to light, so long as brave men and women fight to make justice served.

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