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How To Pick A Good Topic For A Persuasive Essay

The key factor in choosing a good topic for a persuasive essay is to choose one which causes division. Remember that in writing a persuasive essay you have to be persuasive -- hence the name. You will not end up this way unless you can describe not just the topic but the benefits or the rights of a particular case for which you have evidence. So in looking for a persuasive essay topic look for one which enables you to build a case for a particular point of view and which you can substantiate with lots of valuable and relevant evidence.

A couple of points in your favour will be that if you choose a persuasive essay topic which has not been done to death by thousands of other students and if so you will definitely win brownie points from your teacher or professor. Put yourself in their shoes. They have to read persuasive essays from all of their students and finding one which tackles a topic which is unique puts you in, well, a unique position.

Where can you find good persuasive essay topics?

Certainly your school or college library will have samples of good persuasive essays. Not that you would want to copy these but they could be used to inspire you to find a topic for yourself. It's a bit like brainstorming. You find a persuasive essay which you really admire and you take the key word or words and then brainstorm that to try and come up with another good persuasive essay topic.

Of course by going online you will find a multitude of persuasive essay topics. Just because you can find many topics doesn't mean that they will all be good. We've already talked about the importance of choosing a topic which has a defined point of view, a defined case. And having found that topic with a defined point of view you then must be able to locate strong supportive evidence.

If you want to be really clever in creating a brilliant persuasive essay, choose a topic which enables you to persuade the reader that your point of view is correct and to also persuade the reader that the alternative point of view is not correct. This gives you two bites at the cherry and could well be the perfect persuasive essay topic. Finding a persuasive essay topic is easy; finding a good one may take a little extra time.

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