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Coming Up With Outstanding Explanatory Essay Topics For College

You will receive numerous writing assignments during your collegiate career, some of which are sure to explanatory papers. Explanatory essays convey information to readers about specific ideas, events, or processes. When tasked with such an assignment many professors may assign a particular question while others may suggest you choose your own topic.

Choosing your own topic may seem simple enough, but even with all the potential ideas it can be confusing to nail it down to just one topic. Moreover, you want a topic that not only appeals to you but will also stand out as the otherwise mundane essays your professor is sure to receive.


There are countless ways to brainstorm new ideas; you need to find the one that works best for you. Some students will write all their ideas down on a single sheet of paper or type them into a blank page on their computer. While others will use an internet search engine to look up various topics. The point is to get your brain stimulated by doing something, whether it be writing or typing; do not just sit there hoping for inspiration to come to you. Also, do not dismiss any idea as outlandish; write it down anyway, even if it seems unrelated.

Sort Your Ideas

After your brainstorming session, you should now have a list of ideas for your explanatory essay. Now, you need to organize those ideas, narrowing the list down until you find that outstanding topic.

Set aside topics that:

Keep topics that:

Repeat these steps as often as necessary to whittle your list down to two or three ideas and do not be surprised if you come up with even more ideas during this process.

Reflect upon Your Ideas

After narrowing your list of topics, you need take a deeper look at topics remaining. An explanatory essay allows our minds to expand beyond normal conventions. Thus you must ask yourself if your topic has that potential. Moreover, you need to assure yourself that you can expand on the idea in a way that is unique and interesting to your potential readers. If the answer is yes to both those questions, you have found your topic.

Finding an outstanding explanatory essay topic need not be intimidating. You merely need to break the process down and approach each process individually—essentially, divide and conquer. And once you accomplished that, that hard part is over because once you have a sound topic the writing becomes easier.

Essay Writing Tips

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