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7 Things To Keep In Mind If You’re Dealing With An Essay About Soccer Rules

Do you like watching soccer? Are you a true fan of this game? Do you play soccer yourself? It’s great if you answer positively to any of these questions. In this case, it won’t be difficult to craft a strong informative essay about soccer rules. This is your chance to explain what kind of game soccer is and what one should do to become a good soccer player. Knowledge on the topic is important, but it is even more important how you will pass this knowledge to the reader. When writing a paper about soccer rules, the following things should be kept in mind:

  1. Remember the goal of your essay.
  2. You should give information about soccer rules and regulations in your piece of writing. Therefore, be focused only on this theme. Don’t be tempted to write about the origins of the game or famous soccer players.

  3. Develop an outline.
  4. Your paper should consist of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Decide how you will distribute the rules among your body paragraphs and what order you will follow.

  5. Create a strong thesis.
  6. The thesis statement should mention your topic (e.g. rules) and offer your position on it (e.g. soccer rules are easy to follow or soccer rules enhance the team spirit). You may also make your thesis more informative by mentioning the rules you are going to describe in your essay.

  7. Start with a hook.
  8. Reading about soccer rules isn’t a particularly engaging experience. However, you can make the reader follow your story by creating a catchy introduction. Start with an interesting example, a striking fact, a funny anecdote, or an apt quotation on the topic, and make your reader want to know more.

  9. Consider the audience.
  10. Assume that your reader knows nothing about the topic. Even if it isn’t so, you should still start your explanations from the basics.

  11. Don’t make all your points equally important.
  12. Let one rule stand out from the others and seem to be more important. Explain what will happen if the players don’t follow it. This trick will make your essay more engaging and help the reader understand the topic better.

  13. Use appropriate transitions.
  14. Your explanations should flow naturally and make the whole picture complete. When informing the reader about the rules in soccer, use transitions indicating a succession (e.g. after, as soon as, at the same time, before, during, first, second, later, next, till) and clarifying the process (e.g. for example, for instance, in other words)

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