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Coming Up With Excellent Topics For Definition Essays

A definition essay is a type of assignment that requires a student to explain what a particular term – concrete or abstract – means. Some terms are a lot easier to deal with (for instance, table or car) but other terms can depend a lot on someone’s personal opinion or point of view (for instance, hate or dishonor). Here are a few excellent topics and ways to think about a term to help inspire some great essays:

  1. 1 .Humility – This term is most often understood as being synonymous with humbleness, but each person’s view of one’s own importance may vary depending on several outside factors.

  2. 2. Thrift – Many liken this to being frugal or aware of using resources carefully, but what is frugal to some might be expensive to another.

  3. 3. Dedication – What does it mean to stay dedicated to something when one can merely stick with a subject despite having the desire to?

  4. 4. Beauty – No one will deny that the idea of beauty will vary from person to person so why is this term still used when it’s so vague?

  5. 5. Confidence – This is often defined as having a firm trust on something or someone, but even “trust” is vague enough to make us less confident about this meaning.

  6. 6. Optimism – Like “confidence” this term is also closely related to a trust or hopefulness of something that will occur. But can this also be a sort of delusion?

  7. 7. Pride – Often associated with the feeling that one deserves respect for him or herself, and others should also give respect, can sometimes come off as pompous. But where is the line drawn?

  8. 8. Pessimism – Many people will claim to be a glass half-empty kind of person, but exhibit virtues of the complete opposite. Does one have to truly see the worst of things to be considered a true pessimist?

  9. 9. Responsibility – Responsibility and duty are near cousins, however, one can be responsible for something and not participate in any action towards maintaining that responsibility.

  10. 10. Courage – This is a virtue that is attributed to those who are able to show strength when faced with certain fear or pain. But does necessity diminish our view?

  11. 11. Modesty – The concept of modesty will vary across different societies and cultures. Why then do we let this term carry much weight when it will not mean the same thing from one person to the next?

  12. 12. Racism – A particularly controversial term, what does it mean to be racist? Many will exhibit offensive tendencies and be called racist, but not considered as such by others.

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