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Coming Up With A Thought-Provoking Essay Topic On Beauty: 11 Ideas

If you are a college student given to write a thought-proving paper on beauty, you may ponder about which topic to choose. Well, if it’s about beauty, there are thousands of topics on beauty you can write on. From literature to cinema, from healthcare to fashion, ‘beauty’ as a topic has found place in many discourses. Here are eleven topic ideas handpicked for you.

‘Beauty’ as a word is ambiguous in implication and it actually encompasses many things. From nature’s beauty to our perception of beautiful people, it can be defined in numerous ways. The eleven topics suggested here only encompass a few of the popular discourses.

  1. A critical analysis of Confucius’ thought on ‘beauty’
  2. Beauty in ordinary things: beauty floating around us
  3. Do beauty and happiness always go hand in hand?
  4. The inherent relation between antiquity and beauty
  5. Why do people yearn for beauty almost always?
  6. Evolution of beauty: From 1800s till the present age
  7. Can beauty save the world: Analysis of Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s statement
  8. How the fashion world and the mainstream media mould the notions of beauty
  9. Destructive beauty: Analyzing the cases where beauty became a curse
  10. Are our notions of beauty confined within the preconceptions of skin tone and colour
  11. Beauty in classic literature: A comparative analysis

Still couldn’t find a topic to write on?

If you are still in a dilemma about which ‘beauty’ topic to focus your essay on, here are some tips that can help you choose a better or more relevant topic.

If everything else fails, you can just visit an academic writing agency website and ask for relevant samples from them. That should be your last recourse.

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