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A Tutorial On How To Write ESL Essays

English as a second language or ESL is a common and hugely popular subject in schools and colleges around the world. Children, teens and adults who have not been brought up to speak English arrive in the country or even live in their own land but wish to acquire English speaking and writing skills. Once a certain level of English speaking and writing has been reached, an excellent way to improve use of the language is in writing ESL essays.

The adage that you should proceed one step at a time is sound advice in this situation. No teacher of ESL should ever require too much too soon from their students. And even though some ESL students, even many ESL students, may have little or no interest in certain topics for an ESL essay, learning the basics of essay writing is certainly a worthwhile activity for all ESL students.

Start small and build from there

You are always far better off considering an essay to be simply a collection of sentences. By concentrating the lesson on the development of a single sentence you can achieve success both for you and the student in a relatively short space of time. Then by adding a flow on or complementary sentence to the initial sentence you are halfway to creating a paragraph.

This building block approach to ESL essays is a tried and tested method. The enthusiasm of the student is given every chance to blossom because they see success. By linking a number of sentences, the task of creating a 500 or larger word essay is never an obstacle. Start small and build slowly.

The structure comes later

Once ESL students have grasped the skills of creating a basic sentence then moved onto subsequent sentences, you are then in a position to introduce structure. Things like an introduction, a fact paragraph and a conclusion are introduced once basic sentence creation is under control.

Seeing linking words and sentences and understanding their importance and capabilities is another valuable tool. By writing a sentence and then another you can go back and highlight the linking word or words. Teaching the importance of the flow of the written word is important.

Try and make the ESL essay topics relevant to the life experiences of the student. Asking them to write about what they know is always a solid basis for improving their written and spoken skills.

Essay Writing Tips

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