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How to write a proper paragraph for an academic paper

When you are writing an academic paper, you will need to construct a proper paragraph time and time again.

Every paragraph is important. With most papers, the paragraphs will be an average of five sentences, though of course there is a great deal of flexibility with regards to this, particularly for the more creative pieces. The paragraphs all need topic sentences that introduce the reader to the contents of the paragraph and the direction it will take. The paragraphs also need a transitional paragraph at the end which then connects the content and the reader to the next paragraph and the next argument or piece of evidence that you will present.

Each paper, no matter the style, type, or format, will have the same general structure. It will have:

The introduction and conclusion are often each one paragraph, unless the paper you are writing is particularly long, in excess of ten to fifteen pages. Each of these parts are intended to amount to ten percent of the total length of your paper. That being said, they are crafted in a slightly different manner from the body paragraphs.

Your introductory paragraph should work to frame your essay. It should also house the thesis statement for your essay. This paragraph is slightly different in that it serves to lay out the road map for your reader. It is where they learn the places your essay will lead them, and the path they will travel to get to those places. The introductory paragraph supplies the reader with hints regarding what to expect in the body paragraphs.

The body paragraphs should each hold one idea. If you are presenting an argument, then each supporting idea needs an individual paragraph. If you are writing about comparisons, then each item you are comparing belongs in a unique and individual paragraph.

The conclusion works in tandem with the introduction to finish the frame for your essay. It is the place where you repeat the thesis statement in a new way to your reader so that your argument and the whole purpose of your essay is fresh in their mind. It is where you summarize the information that was presented in the body paragraphs for the reader. It is also the final place where you can leave them with any closing remarks, or thought provoking questions.

Essay Writing Tips

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