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Medical Professionalism

Medical professionalism now extends to the online environment and the manner through which professionals can obtain products. Today’s online environment provides thousands of opportunities for people to purchase goods and services that just a few short years ago would have been impossible to purchase in many small towns throughout the world. Items varied as medical equipment and ant traps are now readily available with the just the click of a mouse. Services like and products such as the IPhone have revolutionized our world that is often times extremely hard to comprehend.

One example is the online pharmacy. Years ago every community had a local pharmacy that was the only avenue consumers had to purchase medical devices, supplies and prescriptions. While these pharmacies often served as a gathering spot and in the early days were home to the soda stand and the candy store as well, it was impossible for them to stock every imaginable piece of medical equipment. As a result, people often waited weeks for the delivery of a wheelchair or a life-saving prescription. Today, these items are at our finger tips. In our modern fast paced society, we have the ability to purchase medical items that at one time would have never been stocked in your local pharmacy.

Medical products from walkers to oxygen concentrators to wheelchair cushions to gauze bandages are readily available at any time of the day and any day of the week. Even more astounding is the fact that these products can be shipped to your door within a day or two and often for a minimal charge. These types of services have become a life saver to home bound individuals.

This new world of e-commerce has opened up a world of readily accessible knowledge that would be beyond comprehensive for our grandparents. Can you image trying to explain to your grandfather that he could have Tom Sawyer delivered to his IPhone while he was working the fields or tending the hogs? Can you imagine your grandma’s reaction to Pinterest and Facebook? Yet while these sites serve as a time-consuming distraction for many, they also allow us to stay in tune with people that we may not physically see or touch for years. Modern technology is rapidly changing but it is also important to step back and look at the forest for the trees. While it may seem distracting it provides countless benefits to our daily lives – sometime even life-saving benefits.

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