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Preliminary Research

Your preliminary research on potential topics should not take long. In fact, it really only requires an internet connection and a few moments of your time. Use a basic search and see how many sources are available. If you can’t make it down the first page of results before the topic veers toward something else, then pick a new topic. If you find that there are hundreds of page results, then you are golden. But of course, you want to look specifically for scholarly articles, not just web pages. If there are books and articles on the topic, that is perfect. If there are only commercial websites, you will be better off changing your topic.

While doing this, look over many databases. Search over a few different databases and search engines in pursuit of the journal articles, magazines, and books. Look in library databases and search for local information. Finding twenty articles is great, unless all twenty are published in another country, far from relevant to yours, in another language, which you don’t speak.

Once you have your topic, developing a strong thesis is easy. And once you have your thesis, you have to start the actual research.

Overall, taking these few steps at the start of your research paper will save you a great deal of time later on in the process. Don’t make the mistake of investing too much emotionally and too much time in a project that will dead end.

If you are struggling to pick your next paper topic, and want something that can be thoroughly questioned, in relation to the future, consider these options:

Essay Writing Tips

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