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Creating Brilliant Topics For Descriptive Essays

When it comes to writing a descriptive essay you really need to know the difference between telling somebody about it and showing them. Remember that a reader or listener or viewer is a person usually with a variety of senses. Certainly most people can see and hear. Those two senses alone play a huge role in stimulating imagination.

But in the case of a descriptive essay we are talking about a piece of writing. This is not a radio play or a movie. This is not a cartoon or a piece of art. The reader or listener or audience member is simply reading the words you have written. And you will write much better descriptive essays if you can do two things.

A descriptive essay is no different from any other essay in terms of structure, clear free flowing sentences and in sticking to the topic. All the basics of good essay writing apply equally when writing a descriptive essay. But the major difference between a descriptive essay and other forms of writing is that the descriptive essay allows you to take the reader into a real or imagined world where their imagination has free reign. This will happen once you understand the difference between telling them what happened and showing them.

Show don't tell is a maxim used in creative writing classes and has been the case for decades. Write in such a way that the reader is forced or better still, allowed or encouraged to use their own imagination. Write in such a way that your description drags the reader into your experience. This is when show don’t tell is at its best.

And the second aspect of making your descriptive essay come alive is when you create a brilliant topic. What makes the topic brilliant depends very much on your own experience. In all essay writing the choice of topic is vitally important. In a descriptive essay if you can make it personal you can create a brilliant topic. Describing an experience you had allows you to draw on all your emotions and feelings. Describing those emotions and feelings in the show don't tell method is the perfect marriage. It's a brilliant topic and it's a brilliant way of writing it. Descriptive essays with brilliant topics are exciting to read.

Essay Writing Tips

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