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A List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics For High School Students

In a persuasive essay, your goal is persuade your reader. You want your reader to agree with your point of view, your argument, your answer to a question. You can turn nearly any essay into a persuasive essay. Your goal is present both sides of an argument, and then tell the reader why your side is better. Your evidence is what persuades them.

When you start writing your persuasive essay, you need to create an outline. You can take notes while you research both sides of the argument, and then organize those notes into the outline. You can rearrange, and then rearrange again until your outline feels complete. During this process you can watch as the paper takes shape before your eyes and turns into a logical argument.

Once you have your outline, it is time to write a first draft. To do this, you need a strong thesis and an introductory paragraph. As you write, you might find that you lack sufficient evidence to persuade your reader, in which case you might have to do more research to supplement. Remember that this is just a first draft. So your paper may not flow as well as you want it to and that is ok. You can read over it later, re-arrange some things, add some data, and remove whatever information does not quite fit. Keep re-writing the draft until you have something that you are really happy with.


As you are doing this, be sure to include citations for all the evidence you include. Keep these notes so that you can create the bibliography at the end.

Once you are happy with the paper, proofread it, and then proofread it again. Remove any errors and double check that every source is cited, and every citation is included in the reference page.

In the world of business, economics, and accounting, there are many paper topics that you can choose which would make for an excellent paper. The sample topics below are just that: samples. They should only be considered as such and should lay the foundation for topics that you write:

Essay Writing Tips

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