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Creating An Essay About Friendship: 10 Helpful Tips

Friendship is a common subject you’ll find in middle school and high school essays. These assignments are usually pretty straightforward and are mainly designed to help students improve their abilities in crafting and organizing their thoughts and ideas effectively in the essay. Here are ten helpful tips about creating a great paper about the subject of friendship:

  1. Start with your main idea.
  2. Select a good precise topic and lead your paper with it. Don’t bury it several sentences within the intro. If you are writing about the fickleness of friendship make a statement about it right from the start.

  3. Sentence variety is key.
  4. Since your entire class will be writing on friendship it’s important that you make your paper stand apart from the rest. A great way of keeping your writing interesting is to vary sentence length. This will prevent the reader from losing attention or focus.

  5. Lead with your subject.
  6. One of the most important rules to composing great academic assignments is leading with the most important part when writing your sentence. Start with the subject and verb to let the reader immediately what you are trying to say then add the additional information needed.

  7. Vary sentence structure.
  8. Structure can be a very tricky thing to master, especially when you are told to keep your sentence structures simple and direct. This, however, in no way contradicts the need to vary structure. Use compound sentences when related ideas are next one another. Or throw in a question every now and then.

  9. Use active or action verbs.
  10. Passive writing can seriously undermine your assignment. Use active or action verbs to bring life to your sentences and provide your subjects with something to do rather than just be.

  11. Use specific verbs and nouns.
  12. There are always precise ways of expressing your ideas by simply spending the time to find the right verbs and nouns. By being specific in your word choice you are also being descriptive and this will engage your reader through many more senses.

  13. Cut out the clutter entirely.
  14. As you write be sure to cut out any of the fluff or clutter we tend to put in to meet some kind of word requirement. Remember, its quality over quantity. Cut out the excess fat.

  15. Read your paper aloud.
  16. When you are doing your revisions try reading your paper aloud. This technique which is employed by many professional writers is an excellent way to find errors through the process of simply listening to what you have written.

  17. Edit and proofread actively.
  18. While you can edit and proofread your work after you’ve revised the content, it might be a better option to do this actively throughout the entire process. You’ll have less to deal with at the later stages.

  19. Use a dictionary often.
  20. Finally, be sure to use a dictionary to find the precise word often. As humans our vocabularies tend to grow each year we are in school, and since you may not have too many years under your belt when it comes to academics, you can always benefit from learning new words.

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