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How to create a unique persuasive essay topic

Persuasive essays are about presenting an argument in a nice and gentle way; without really attacking the reverse vehemently, as opposed to an argumentative essay where you really argue your point like you would in a debate. Writing a persuasive essay requires careful selection of vocabulary and language, but before that you need to find yourself a topic that you want to persuade your reader with (in this case your teacher).

Although topics abound and you can find many online and from other references, you may want to consider being innovative and create a topic that is unlikely to be a repetition of some common theme. To do that you do not need to think about outer space or black holes, a fresh angle on a relatively common issue can do the trick. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to make sure your topic is relevant to you and the reader.

Let us say that you want to write about smoking and persuade the reader (for the umpteenth time!) that it is hazardous to human health and the environment. Pick up a note pad and start writing the different ways smoking affects people and the planet. You are going to find something rather innovative by the time you have done this exercise a couple of times.

You can read lists of topics available online and elsewhere for inspiration if you have no preferences at all. In this case, look at the topics and see what strikes a chord with you. You do not have to copy the topic as it is. Improvise and create your own.

An innovative idea in your mind, however much unpopular it may seem can be your topic as well. Let us say you are not really into vegetables and pulses, and you have done enough research that supports your view of eating meat. Go with it. You do not have to be offensive, just persuasive. By the time, your reader finishes reading through your work they will know that you are not doing this to step on anyone’s toes. They will be convinced that you have sound arguments and evidence behind the case for eating meat.

Whatever you may choose to write about, try making it interesting and current. Give fresh evidence and credible data to support your argument. Most importantly, enjoy yourself while doing it!

Essay Writing Tips

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