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10 Original Informative Essay Topics For College Students

What are informative essays?

Informative essays are the simplest form of an essay. They simply focus on telling the reader about a certain topic. You do not have to convince anyone to your opinions or ideas unlike a persuasive essay. It is not even about writing biased ideas about a certain subject. You need to write an essay about a topic that has a gap for improvement. The purpose of your essay is only to educate the readers about a certain aspect. You need to give information and explain your topic. However, one thing that you should be very careful with, is that you cannot have a subjective approach towards your topic. You cannot characterize the topic as good or bad based on your personal experiences. The purpose of the essay is to inform the readers about the topic, and if they are hearing it from you for the first time then you need to show them an honest picture.

Ten original topics college students can use for their informative essay

  1. 1. The effects of nuclear war on two cities of Japan were devastating
  2. 2. An insight to the life of Nicolas Cage
  3. 3. How to bake a pizza in few simple steps
  4. 4. Who created comics and what was the purpose behind comic books
  5. 5. What is the easiest way to change the oil in your car
  6. 6. What are the characteristics of a quality wine
  7. 7. The history of the United Kingdom or the Great Britain
  8. 8. What is the top trending field in the stock market
  9. 9. How people in the East arrange their marriages
  10. 10. What are the seven natural wonders of the world? Why they are called the seven wonders

It is not necessary that all of these topics are an exact match to your requirement. They may or may not fit the specifications for your target audience. You need to be careful while choosing a topic for your essay. It should be something you have passion for. If you look at the above example may be you will find one or two areas that you are really interested in. You can get a rough idea by looking at these topics and mold them according to your preferences. You can also look at good example topics before you write your own. This will help trigger new ideas for fresh topic.

Essay Writing Tips

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