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5 Hints To Help You Write An Extraordinary IB Extended Essay

If you want to earn an IB diploma, then the extended essay is in your future - or possibly even your present. When you are assigned this essay, you might be overwhelmed trying to take in the entire essay. Fortunately, many people have written this essay before you did, so they have several tips to help you accomplish it with less stress and more success. Here are five hints to help you write the best IB extended essay that you can:

  1. Find a topic you love. You will not create a topic by just sitting and thinking. You need to look around the Internet, talk to your instructors, and research ideas. It can also be helpful to look in your textbooks, especially the index or table of contents to get suggestions for topics. Once you figure out your topic, you will know because nothing else will sound as good.

  2. Organize the essay appropriately. This is not an essay that you wing at the end. This essay requires organization and planning. Fortunately, you will have an adviser who can help you through every step of the process and your adviser can take a look at your ideas for organizing your thoughts on the topic. Do not expect your adviser to organize the piece for you, so when you visit your adviser, come with a completed outline.

  3. Cite your sources. If you make mistakes on your source citations, you could have problems with plagiarism. Be sure that you cite every single source and that you include every source. Your adviser might not recognize where you have missed a source, but the IB graders will certainly notice every error in citations.

  4. Follow the official IB guide. This guide is the manual that IB created to help students get the extended essay completed. Do not neglect the guide. You should have one with you at all times and it is wise to read through the section about the extended essay before you even begin getting to work.

  5. Get help from your adviser. Your adviser is being paid to help you, so get the help. There is nothing wrong with visiting your adviser anytime you need help. Along with face-to-face help, you should be able to ask questions through email or text messaging. It would be horrible to lose points because you did not ask for help, which caused you to make a major mistake.

Essay Writing Tips

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