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How to choose interesting and unusual essay topics

Have you been assigned another essay for another class? Are you getting tired of writing about the same boring topics? Would you like to learn how to create interesting topics? Once you know the secret to crafting unique topics, writing essays can actually be enjoyable. Unfortunately, too many students choose to pick a topic that has been rehashed over and over again. Luckily for students, it is easier than many of them think to create unique topics. Here are a few tips:

Write about things you know.

When you choose a topic that you know well, you will be able to create a unique topic. The unique topic ideas come from the sub-topics and categories. For example, you be knowledgeable about sports. You then can choose a sport, like baseball. Your can then narrow the topic down into something unusual, like minor league baseball. From there, you need to choose an argumentative topic, like how minor league baseball players need to be paid more or how mid-sized cities benefit financially from having a minor league baseball team. These topics are unusual and they are about things that you enjoy.

Focus on current events.

Too many students focus on old news. For example, even though many teachers advise their students to avoid writing about abortion, students often ignore the advice. This is an old topic that has been written about for decades. There are not any new ideas that can be presented. The same goes for legalizing drugs and several other issues that have been controversial for decades. When you focus on current events, you are more likely to develop a unique and interesting topic.

Go local.

Students often go for the big, global issues when they write essays. It is more unusual for students to look at local angles, which students find to be rewarding because they learn about their communities. Even if you take a global topic, like global warming, and look at it from a local angle, you are bound to find out some interesting information and you will learn about different ways people in your community have been affected by it.

Do a search.

When you think you have a topic, conduct a search on it. This will help you narrow your topic and think about new ideas. If you were going to look up sports, you might find news articles, blog posts, or articles about a sports subtopic that you never knew existed. You never know what will inspire you when you start searching for a topic idea.

Be an expert.

You are the essay writer, and therefore, the expert. Write as if you were the most knowledgeable person on the planet about your topic. The command that you will show will make your reader see how much your know and how confident you are in your knowledge. That will make your essay more interesting to your reader.

Here are a few topic ideas:

Essay Writing Tips

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