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The key to writing a great process essay

A process essay is a unique writing opportunity which instructs readers on how to complete a particular process. This can be a process as black and white as baking cookies, or something as complex as properly rearing children.

When writing the process essay, it is your job as the writer to ensure the reader is well aware of the process you will be explaining right from the start. You must include a list of necessary tools or materials required for the process. With regards to the baking example, this comprehensive list may include the ingredients, the bakeware, and the physical component: the oven. For a satirical spin on the essay, you can list having a child as one of the materials necessary for a child rearing process.

  1. 1. If there are any warnings that the reader must be advised of, or any potential risks, they should be listed in the introduction as well.

  2. 2. Should your explanation include terms with which the reader may be unfamiliar, then you must explain the acronyms or terms to the reader in your introduction. If there is any background required to fully comprehend the process and complete it, you should also include this. The level of difficulty associated with the process is something that many readers need to see, and many writers should include, though of course the choice is yours.

  3. 3. Your process essay can be one that is entertaining, explaining the comical process of chasing a cat around the room. It can be a straight forward and technically based process such as setting up a network for a company. It can be anything in between.

  4. 4. The jargon and tone integrated into the process essay is, of course, contingent upon the topic of choice and the style you opt to take. If you plan to write a more entertaining or satirical essay, then your style will differ vastly from that of a straight forward and technical explanation.

  5. 5. As with any paper, be sure to edit and proofread the final document. Have someone entirely unfamiliar with the process review it and see if there are any sections unfamiliar to them. Ask if all of the steps for the process make sense, or if there is something that could be better explained or expounded upon.

If you are asked to adhere to a particular format, double check the writing guide to ensure your paper does so. If you are unsure of what format is required of you, ask your teacher or review your assignment details.

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