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Oedipus The King Essay Topics: 7 Interesting Ideas For College

It is natural for students to feel overwhelmed when they set about writing there papers and picking their topics. There are so many potential topics on which to write and each new topic brings with it the possibility of discovering something new and exciting. As overwhelming as a project might seem to you, starting at the very beginning and picking a topic that you like gives you a chance to dive deeply into something that perhaps other students have not encountered before. Depending on the scope of your paper it is normal to spend a few days searching for the perfect topic.

If you have been tasked with writing a college level paper on Oedipus the King, consider these topics below and if any of them might suite your assignment:

  1. 1. At the end of every play, there is a messenger who describes the things that are happening offstage and often these things are the most important to the play. Why do you think Sophocles does this? How does leaving the off-stage action to the imagination of the audience play a role in the play and what function does it serve?
  2. 2. Select one tragedy from the trilogy and explain the role that the chorus plays. Is it the chorus that changes throughout the play? How can the chorus change the action? Does the chorus actually focus the attention of the audience or intensify their responses to the play?
  3. 3. Make a case for who you think is the main character in Antigone, Creon or Antigone.
  4. 4. In Oedipus the King, Jocasta also watches as her identity unfolds. Explain her reaction to the suspicions she has about the birth of Oedipus. Explain how her final despair is different from that of Oedipus.
  5. 5. Review the key differences between Ismene and Antigone, and the views that they hold of women in society. How do the viewpoints of the sisters shape the choices that they each make? How consistent do the sisters remain in their personal views?
  6. 6. Select a character who appears in more than one of the plays in the trilogy and write about their similarities and differences in the two different plays.
  7. 7. Review how Tiresias functions in a dramatic fashion in the plays and how as the prophet Tiresias is able to speak for fate and for the gods.

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