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A List Of Powerful Argumentative Essay Topics About Huckleberry Finn

You want to prove your point of the issue when it comes to writing an argumentative essay. There are many interpretations of the novel Huckleberry Finn. Therefore, it is a great piece to use for practicing argumentative essays. You will need to decide on a topic that people have differing views on. These topics will be powerful for this type of paper.

  1. Huck’s maturation through the piece
  2. Effects that race relations had on the novel
  3. The hypocrisy of a society that is civilized
  4. Importance of Huck’s youth in the piece
  5. Telling a lie is sometimes a good thing
  6. What the folktales that Jim tells says about his character
  7. Significance of the Mississippi River
  8. Twain’s message regarding morality

When you have chosen your topic, read the piece or at least skim carefully through the piece to find evidence that will help to prove the side that you want to take on the issue. You can talk about whether or not Huck matured through the piece or whether or not it was a productive maturation. There are many ideas that you can use to write this paper.

The format for an argumentative essay will be similar to that of a five paragraph essay with an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It will however add an additional paragraph that is the rebuttal. It will discuss a specific opposing view and then specific information to refute it. You will have to make sure to add this section or you are not writing this paper properly and it will be more like a persuasive essay than an argumentative one. These are similar but not the same and your teacher may not accept it or dock you points for missing this huge piece of the paper.

Create an outline before you get too far into the writing process. It will help make sure that you are adding evidence in a logical manner that enhances rather than hinders your case. Be sure to include transitions to help with the paper’s flow and always edit it. When it comes to writing, it is so important that you follow the proper steps to ensure a great paper. If you skip just one, you will jeopardize the effectiveness of the entire piece and that will just be a waste of time and a bad grade.

Essay Writing Tips

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