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How To Choose Really Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essays are a tool for the author to convince his or her audience of a particular point of view. This point of view could be about anything or anyone. Having the skill to write a great persuasive essay can be a huge advantage not only in school but also in later life. They are used in all sorts of careers like journalism and writing. This kind of writing also has a place in careers not related to writing; you could be writing grant proposals, proposals for loans for customers in a banking career or simply asking your boss for a raise.

One of the key elements in writing a great persuasive essay is the choice of a great topic. A really good topic can make or break your piece. A bad one can ruin it. If you would like to learn the art of choosing the best topic every single time, you need to learn the following truths about great topics.

  1. Great topics are catchy
  2. You know the type of topics or headings for articles on a website or a newspaper that grab your attention. Once you glance at it, you just have to read it. That is how your topic should be: attention-grabbing. It is all about marketing. The topic should be something the reader is interested in. It should be worded in a way that draws in the audience to a subject even if they have no interest in it.

  3. Great topics have substance
  4. You can write a topic as catchy as you want but if it does not have substance and there is not much you can write about it, then your piece is not going to work. A good rule of thumb before selecting a topic is to write down the main points about a few chosen topics. This will help you find out which has the most substance and which is the most interesting.

  5. Great topics are controversial
  6. You know what makes for a great persuasive essay? One that tries to convince the reader of an alternative or controversial point of view. Beside the self-satisfaction of winning over an audience against greater odds for the writer, it hones the writer’s skills for deeply researched, well thought out arguments because to convince someone of something controversial needs that kind of work. Pick a topic that will fire up the debate and revel in your success.

Essay Writing Tips

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