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A List Of Great Expository Essay Topics About A Peer Group

The main purpose of writing an expository essay is to explain the peer group you chose in a logical manner. It is not based on the writer’s emotions or opinions but rather on the facts. It will be written in the five paragraph paper format with an introduction introducing the topic, the body paragraph will include the evidence proving your thesis statement, and a conclusion.

Here is a list of great expository essay topics on a peer group:

Remember that the idea is to “expose” the group. That means that you want to tell your audience everything there is to know about your subject. You will explain the predominant cliques in schools today if you choose to write about that subject. It is a good idea to follow these steps to write an excellent idea.


Now that you have chosen your topic, you will need to brainstorm some ideas regarding that topic. Write down all of the cliques that you know about and some of the main characteristics about that group.


Then you will create an outline to decide how you will present your paper. You can list all of the cliques as the main idea and then describe each one of them as a paragraph. You will want to make a statement regarding your topic and then explain it in the body of your paper. Wrap it all up with a conclusion. It will restate your main points and may even leave the reader thinking about the subject if it is written right.


Don’t just write it and hand it in. you want to make sure that it makes sense. You will also want to make sure that you don’t have any errors or mistakes in the piece so that you don’t lose credit. You can even have a friend or a professional read it over to make sure that it is free of errors and written properly.

Essay Writing Tips

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