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The Top 10 Interesting Process Analysis Essay Topics

If you are tasked with writing a process analysis essay, you may be unsure of what topics are best suited for your assignment. Consider the example essay topics below:

  1. 1. Write about whether the government should encourage entrepreneurship
  2. 2. Write about whether the Atkins diet is effective.
  3. 3. What about whether education should be more accessible
  4. 4. Write about the policies of one country toward another
  5. 5. Write about the hazards of our current methods of nuclear waste disposal
  6. 6. Write about how sports can bring people closer together
  7. 7. Write about the long term impact of renewable energy
  8. 8. Write about the methods used to predict volcanoes or floods
  9. 9. Write about the impact that increased population will have on the world
  10. 10. Write about the morality associated with one country invading another and physical removing a dictator from power in that country, and whether there should be follow up requirements for such a situation taking place.

Before you settle on a topic you should consider the following tips:

  1. 1. Conduct rudimentary research.
  2. Before you settle on a topic, take the two or three ideas that are your most favored ideas and conduct rudimentary research. This should take no more than five or ten minutes total. This step is where you conduct a generic search on any search engine for the keywords related to your topic. Your goal here is to make sure that there exists enough academic information and peer reviewed sources for you to adequately cover the topic. If all you find in the results are websites that end in “.com” then you may need to find another topic. On the same note, this is an opportunity for you to make sure that the information which does exist out there is information that supports your side in the argument and does not just support the other side.

  3. 2. Before you pick a topic, try and run it by your teacher.
  4. Your teacher may be better equipped to review the topics you have selected and researched and then give you the go-ahead of approval. Running your potential topics by your teacher first will save you a world of headaches and prevent the situation wherein you are midway through the research and writing only to find that your topic hits a dead end and you now have to start all over.

Essay Writing Tips

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