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20 Great Argumentative Essay Topics In Psychology

While the study of the mind and its behavior is a vast subject that cannot be compressed into a single topic, Psychology does have several branches and many topics that you can delve into for an Argumentative Essay.

If you are a College Student, try these Topics:

  1. Are other forms of Intelligence as important as Emotional Intelligence?
  2. Does having siblings affect the maturity and socializing ability of children?
  3. Are Children with ADHD being prescribed and treated with too many drugs?
  4. Is Sign Language an essential for babies to be taught by their parents?
  5. Are Religious people more prone to wrongdoing during their daily routine than non-religious people?
  6. Is stopping Attachment Parenting a necessity?
  7. What is the best mode of communication for children?
  8. Why is it that the aged blame external factors for their negative events while the youngsters blame themselves and internal factors?
  9. Are specific addictions more harmful and dangerous than the others?
  10. Should the courts change the system of child custody equality favoring the father and the mother equally?

A Few Topics on Mythical Beliefs:

  1. Is Mid Life Crisis an absolute?
  2. Does Hypnosis help retrieve forgotten memories and events?
  3. Do Dreams posses any symbolic essence?
  4. Are inkblot tests necessarily useful in detecting one’s personality?
  5. Not all mentally challenged individuals are violent. Explain.

Psychological Arguments on experiments conducted.

  1. The Pavlov-Dog experiment.
  2. The Cognitive Dissonance experiment of Jack Brehm.
  3. Your opinion on Josh Bell, world famous violinist playing in a metro station at Washington D.C.
  4. The Blue eyes/Brown Eyes racism experiment by Jane Elliot.
  5. The Stanford Prison Experiment by Zimbardo.

Topics on Daily Practice

  1. The psychology behind ‘Chocolate helps reduce depression’.
  2. Does Music essentially evoke emotions within a person?
  3. How do social networks bring about addiction in people?
  4. Optimism is good for one’s health. Reason.
  5. Laughter has been found to be the best mode of communication among people. Validate.

Psychological arguments on Education:

  1. Can Gender partition be good for education?
  2. Should technology be a compulsory use in classrooms today?
  3. How are culturally diverse classes good for the students?
  4. All Curriculum studies should be centered on critical thinking?
  5. Are ADHD Symptoms found in almost all children?

Choose an apt topic and make the best discourse for your Argumentative Psychology paper.

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