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Looking For An Example Of A Good Conclusion For A Comparative Essay

A comparative essay requires students to look at and compare at least two different topics. In fact, the topics do not necessarily need to be too closely related, as you will be looking for any similarities and differences as part of your comparisons.

The introduction of a comparative essay will outline any necessary details required for the reader to understand what topics you will be discussing. Furthermore, the body section will then be made up of various paragraphs that highlight any similarities and differences, as part of the comparisons that you need to make.

The final paragraph or section of your paper will be reserved for the conclusion. It is worth noting that a conclusion should be based upon any arguments or points already made earlier on in the essay. Therefore, if you have not included any points already in the introduction or body section then you should not then refer to them in the conclusion. Ultimately, your conclusion should be used to create the final analysis of what you have already written, so as to demonstrate to the reader exactly what point of view you have taken and why. In terms of a comparative paper, you may wish to use your conclusion so as to demonstrate whether or not you think the topics that you have discussed are particularly alike or actually quite different overall.

The conclusion section of your paper is particularly important; therefore, it is crucial that you write it to a high standard. In order to assist you, so as to give you a better understanding of how to write the conclusion, you may wish to look for various examples for inspiration.

Examples of conclusions that you can download

Ultimately, you have two choices when it comes to looking for conclusion sections of academic papers. Either you can look for the conclusion section in isolation or, alternatively, you can look for a complete paper, which will then enable you to skip ahead to the conclusion section. In fact, it is often easier to look for complete papers, rather than trying to download individual conclusion sections.

Using any major search engine, you can type in any relevant keywords relating to the topics that you wish to discuss, along with other search terms, such as ‘comparative’, ‘essay’ and ‘example’. You will then see a list of any relevant websites, some of which provide free services, whilst others require payments.

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