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10 Unexplored Argument Research Essay Topics

When you are tasked with writing an argument research essay, you will need to ensure your paper does two things:

This means that your argument, whatever it might be, must be backed by sufficient research. You cannot just tell the reader that your point of view in the argument is the right one. You have to show the reader why using evidence.

This means that you need to pick a clear thesis, make a clear assertion, and then write about the thesis. You can write about women and gender issues for your next paper. If you cannot think of a topic or a thesis, you can review the potential topics below and see if anything strikes your fancy. Try and look for a unique perspective or new argument you can present that relates to the broad topic and search for something that is of interest to you:

  1. 1. Birth control access
  2. 2. Abortion options
  3. 3. Cultural expectations
  4. 4. Discrimination in the work place
  5. 5. Rising propensity for eating disorders
  6. 6. Education limitations
  7. 7. Feminism
  8. 8. Marriage and divorce
  9. 9. Sports
  10. 10. Violence and assault

If you are unsure of what to pick for your topic, then try to brainstorm first. Think about what you have learned in your class. Review your course notes, your lectures, and your textbook for headings and subheadings that you have covered. Search for something that your teacher may have glossed over but never sufficiently studied. If this subject which was glossed over is of interest to you, it might be the best option for your research paper topic.

Once you have a topic in mind, try to brainstorm what you know about your topic and what you need to know about your topic. Ask yourself questions about the topic, from the point of view of someone who knows nothing about it. See if you can answer these questions or if you need to search for the answers. Try some free writing and stream of consciousness exercises to juggle loose your creative thoughts if you are struggling.

With your research questions in mind, those that you still have left to answer, it is time to start researching the topic. Try and make yourself an expert by reviewing academic databases, looking over books in your school library, and using the internet to aid your research.

Essay Writing Tips

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